The Medical Center’s on-campus energy needs are high and will continue to grow. Meanwhile, power costs continue to rise, turning energy efficiency into both an economic and environmental goal.

A new 71,000 sq. ft. Energy Building will relieve the strain on NYU Langone’s energy infrastructure. It will provide primary electric service to the campus, accommodate anticipated growth in energy consumption, and at the same time employ combined heat and power (CHP) generation technology to produce energy that is cleaner and more economical.

The state-of-the-art design includes an 8-megawatt cogen plant with standby boilers; a 7.5-megawatt emergency power plant to feed Tisch Hospital and the Energy Building in case of a Con Edison power outage; and 36-megawatt high-tension electric service.

The new structure will sit immediately south of the Kimmel Pavilion and adjacent to Tisch Hospital, hugging the FDR Service Road at the eastern boundary of the campus, with new loading docks at the ground level and a sleek facade facing the East River.

The building will also house the campus’ Radiation Oncology department, in a configuration that enables seamless connections between Tisch and Kimmel, both of which will utilize the new radiation oncology facility.

Early enabling work for the Energy Building began in the first quarter of 2012, and construction of the building started mid-year.

For the latest on Energy Building constructin progress, please see the Kimmel Program: Energy Building Construction Update.


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