Kimmel Program Update: The Kimmel Pavilion's Crucial Next Step

Planners Now Detail New Hospital’s Design, Room by Room

Kimmel-Tisch section

Diagram of Kimmel and Tisch showing departments occupying all floors

NYU Langone Medical Center has launched an important new phase in the design process for the Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion, which will shape the new hospital that is the centerpiece of the Medical Center’s ambitious plans to turn the north end of the campus into a fully integrated center for acute clinical care.

This latest step in the process is schematic design, which builds upon more than a year of intensive planning work for the Kimmel Pavilion. The programming phase had produced a functional and space program report, which identified the key clinical needs that the hospital will address and allocates space throughout the facility to meet those needs. Now in schematic design, the project team is working with key Medical Center clinicians and administrators to produce the hundreds of detailed, “single-line” drawings that will depict the size and configuration of each space and room, as well as circulation patterns for the movement of people and materials throughout the facility.  This work moves the project from the realm of the theoretical to the practical.

Close Collaboration
The Kimmel project has been a model of collaboration between the project team—composed  of architects from the firms NBBJ and Ennead and managers from NYULMC’s Real Estate Development and Facilities department—and nearly 200 of the senior doctors, nurses, administrators and others who ultimately will care for patients in Kimmel and operate the facility every day. This close interaction is bringing the collective expertise of Medical Center leadership to bear on the building’s design from the ground up.

The schematic design working groups started meeting in October, and will continue to work through November and December. Their decisions will form the basis for design development, when engineering and other technical requirements are layered on top of the base plans, making the individual spaces within the hospital increasingly real.  Design development paves the way for construction documents, the final phase of the design process. Then comes actual construction, with plans calling for the Kimmel Pavilion to open in 2017.

The new hospital’s schematic design phase is a crucial milestone for the larger Kimmel Program, which besides the hospital also incorporates construction of a new Energy Building, also at the north end of the campus.

In addition, from its earliest stages the Kimmel strategy has included integrating the new facility with Tisch Hospital. Kimmel will directly connect to Tisch on procedural and imaging floors, as well as on the lobby level concourse. The two hospitals will also share central sterilization and other support services.

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