Construction Management

The Construction Management Team implements the project, constructing it as described in the Contract Documents (construction drawings and specifications) created during the Project Development phase.  The Project Managers in the Construction Management Group provide oversight services for the Hospitals Center and the School of Medicine, using their expertise in architecture, engineering, design and construction to bring capital construction and renovation projects from design to occupancy.

Who we are:

Paul Schwabacher, PE, Sr. Vice President, Facilities Management

Erica Benjamin, Project Manager

Joseph Coughlin, Project Manager, Energy Building

Marlene Hankash, Senior Project Manager

Robert Henkel, Senior Project Manager

Richard Schifando, Associate Director

Rosheen Simmonds, Administrative Assistant

 The Project Manager for Construction oversees a Bidding and Negotiation procedure, wherein the contract documents are forwarded to a list of pre-qualified contractors for their proposed price to construct the project.  During this procedure a pre-bid walk-through is conducted by the Project Manager, during which all bidders see the site and ask questions relative to scope, means and methods required to estimate the construction.  During the ensuing bid period, the project manager and consulting team (architect and engineer) answer questions raised by the bidders, making sure all bidders are aware of all questions asked and answered.

At the end of the bid period, the contractors submit their proposed prices in sealed envelopes which are then opened by the Project Manager in the presence of two witnesses.  Once the bids are opened, a leveling process ensues.  This is a very important part of the bid process during which discrepancies between bids are vetted out to ensure an “apples to apples” comparison of the bids.  Once that is complete, the project is awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.

At this point, the Project Manager initiates a contract with the winning bidder for an agreed upon price for the work and commits the contractor to the authorized scope, schedule and budget.  The construction begins with the Construction Kick-Off Meeting where consultants and the Construction Project Manager review the basic ground rules for the construction phase and work out means and methods for constructing the project.  Subsequent meetings during this phase are geared toward reviewing the progress of construction with a focus on maintaining schedule and budget while addressing any issues that arise. The Project Manager is present at all meetings.  The Project Manager monitors all changes to the project cost and reconciles them with the overall project budget prior to proceeding with any change. All changes must be approved by the Project Manager prior to execution.

During the construction phase, the Construction Project Manager is also responsible for orchestrating the work of all other team members and organizations with ancillary responsibilities for creating a successful project.  Team members such as Information Technology and Security Project Managers, Interior Designers, Environmental Health & Safety, Radiation Safety, Infection Control, Life Safety and Clinical Engineering professionals, as well as other specialty consultants, all have a role in producing a complete project.  It is the role of the Construction Project Manager to ensure all members of the team are working toward the same goal, again while maintaining the approved budget and schedule.

Upon completion of the project, the Construction Project Manager will orchestrate a closeout procedure, making certain that all installed components are operating as specified and the project performs as designed.