MSB Gallery: Graphic Alert -- AIDS Posters from Around the World



The poster has played a vital role in international AIDS education-perhaps its biggest role ever as a communications tool, in the fight against the most significant global public health crisis in modern history. The medium, and the wide array of messages it has helped convey over time and across the globe, are explored in Graphic Alert: AIDS Posters from Around the World, a new exhibit at the MSB Gallery.


The exhibit pulls from a personal collection of more than 6,200 posters acquired by Edward C. Atwater, MD, who started collecting in the mid-1980s after he was inspired by a single poster in a Boston subway train to explore how messages about AIDS were being delivered in other parts of the world. The collection is a compelling testament to both the commonality of purpose-to prevent the spread of the disease-and wide diversity of approach infused by cultural context.


"Across cultures, the posters convey key messages: here's how the disease is spread, take precautions, show compassion for those who are infected," explained Adrienne Klein, curator of the exhibit, which was supported by a PSC-CUNY Award jointly funded by the Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York.


Klein felt the MSB Gallery is a particularly appropriate venue for the exhibit. The AIDS Clinical Trial Unit is housed at NYULMC, and focuses on advancing research and promoting care. In addition, the exhibition here is timed to coincide with related programs at the New York Historical Society and the New York Public Library.


Graphic Alert: AIDS Posters from Around the World will be at the MSB Gallery from September 1 through September 30, 2013. A reception was be held on Tuesday, September 10, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and featured speaker Susan Zolla-Pazner, PhD, Professor of Pathology at NYULMC.


  Far left: Speaker Susan Zolla-Pasner, PhD, Professor of Pathology, NYU Langone Medical Center






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