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Login Information

If you are on a standard desktop PC, you should automatically be logged in. However, upon initial login to the system, you may be prompted for a username and password. Simply enter your NYULMC user ID (your Kerberos ID in the form of smithj01) and your existing login password to enter the system. You should not be required to do so again.

If you are on a non-standard PC or a Mac, you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your NYULMC user ID (your Kerberos in the form of smithj01) and your existing password.


Service Requests Catalog

Please find your problem among the options listed below. Then either click the problem's link (where available) to go directly to the online work order request form, or call the extension shown at the far right of your problem to initiate a service request via phone.

Air samplingEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Asbestos consultationEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Broken medical equipmentClinical Engineering35021
CarpentryFacilities Management35275
Ceiling LeakFacilities Management35275
Chemical wasteEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Clean/dirty bathroom - hospitalBuilding Services35071
Clean/dirty bathroom - schoolEnvironmental Services35968
Conference room reservationFacilities Scheduling Office36997
Conference room set-upEnvironmental Services35968
Dead mouse (hospital)Building Services35071
Dead mouse (SOM)Environmental Services35968
Door not workingFacilities Management35275
Elevator out of serviceFacilities Management35275
FloodFacilities Management35275
Infectious waste (hospital)Building Services35071
Infectious waste (SOM)Environmental Services35968
Lab auditEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Light outFacilities Management35275
Move furnitureEnvironmental Services35968
OdorEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Outlet not workingFacilities Management35275
Pest controlEnvironmental Services35968
Pipe LeakingFacilities Management35275
Radioactive wasteRadiation Safety36888
Sharps containers (hospital)Building Services35071
Sharps containers (SOM)Environmental Services35968
Sink Clogged/leakingFacilities Management35275
Snow removalEnvironmental Services35968
Spill (e.g., water, coffee) (hospital)Building Services35071
Spill (e.g., water, coffee) (SOM)Environmental Services35968
Spill, blood (hospital)Building Services35071
Spill, blood (SOM)Environmental Services35968
Spill, hazardous chemical or drugEnvironmental Health and Safety35159
Spill, radioactiveRadiation Safety36888
Temperature complaintFacilities Management35275
Toilet clogged/leakingFacilities Management35275
Training (health & safety topics)Environmental Health and Safety35159
Training (radioactive materials)Radiation Safety36888
Trash (hospital)Building Services35071
Trash (SOM)Environmental Services35968


Benefits of Using the Online Work Order System

  • You can use the online work order system to efficiently initiate Facilities, Security and Moving Services requests. You can easily track the status of your work requests online.
  • You can provide direct feedback to departments about their services.
  • And, you are actively helping to make the Medical Center's overall service delivery better, more efficient and more effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't log into the service module; What am I doing wrong?

If prompted for login information, please enter your NYULMC user ID and your e-mail password.

2. Do I have to use Windows/Internet Explorer?

No. The service module is completely functional both in Internet Explorer and Firefox, for PC and Mac. Safari might not render all columns correctly, and is not recommended.

3. Can I access the Online Work Order system from off-campus?

Yes, You can access the work request module if you are offsite, by using Onsitehealth.


Need More Help?

If you need assistance accessing or using the Online Work Order System, please call the Helpdesk at (212) 263-6868.