Chemical Container Labeling

Environmental Health & Safety has chemical container labels in order to assist work areas in complying with pertinent regulations.

There are two types of labels available:

Hazardous chemical label:  Non-Hazardous label:

Labels can be picked up in the Environmental Health & Safety office at GBH C-117. Or you can print your own hazardous chemical label by clicking on the link, filling in the name of the chemical(s) and printing on Avery 5196 diskette labels:

Print your own Hazardous Chemical label

There are several points that should be made clear:

  1. All chemicals in the lab must be labeled.

  2. Chemical containers that have their original labels do not need a new label.

  3. Labels on containers of hazardous chemicals (which do not have a manufacturer's label) must include the name of the chemical, the CAS#, and the hazard type. The Hazardous chemical label is provided to help you comply with this requirement.

    The questions "What is considered a hazardous chemical?" or "How do I know if a chemical is considered hazardous?" have come up several times. The easiest way to obtain hazard information is from the label on the original container. If the material is a hazardous substance, the label is required to have hazard information such as the words "caution", "warning", or "danger". The label may also have hazard information in the form of pictures and/or words indicating whether the chemical is toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive. This information can be used in identifying whether or not a chemical is considered hazardous. If further information is needed, you can contact Environmental Health & Safety at 212-263-5159.

  4. Non-hazardous chemicals do not have the same labeling requirements as hazardous chemicals, but they still must be identified with the container's contents. The non-hazardous label is provided to help comply with this requirement.

  5. If the container is a mixture, all chemicals and their CAS numbers should be listed on the label. 

For more information, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 212-263-5159.